A Quinceañera is a traditional celebration on the fifteenth birthday of a young lady. The ritual is a celebration of life from childhood to adulthood. Families usually request a Mass to be held in the Church, this celebration is usually done in gratitude to God.

The celebration is not a Sacrament. The Mass is an act of thanksgiving for life and an opportunity for young women to reaffirm their faith.

Celebrating your daughters Quinceañera is a wonderful event for the family and friends. We are committed to making this a memorable day. To help with this, please read our guidelines to help you prepare for the celebration.

General Information:

  • The candidate must have received the Sacrament of Baptism and First Communion prior to scheduling the ceremony.
  • In order to book the date, you must bring the Quinceañeras First Communion certificate. Only the parents of the Quinceañera may book the date.
  • Scheduling:
  • Quinceañeras are scheduled only on Saturdays; times may vary. Please note that the celebrations must begin promptly due to other liturgies that may be taking place. In the event that you are late, your ceremony will be shortened or even canceled.
  • The recommended scheduling time is 9-12 months in advance. Scheduling must be done at the Parish Office.
  • The fee is $550, with $150 due at the time of schedule. The remaining balance must be paid in monthly payments. 

XV’s Orientation:

  • A month prior to the celebration, you will receive a phone call informing you that you will need to attend an orientation. In this orientation, you will learn of the rules and liturgy for the Mass. The orientation is mandatory for the Quienceanera and her parents, no other adults or children are allowed.

XV’s Rehearsal: 

  • A weekend prior to the ceremony, the coordinator will give you a call with information concerning the rehearsal. The rehearsal will take place a Wednesday prior to the ceremony at 5:00 p.m. in the Church.


All Quinceañeras must receive reconciliation prior to their celebration. Confessions at Holy Family Church are on Fridays and Saturdays from 6:00 to 6:45 p.m. In order to accompany you for Communion, your court must take reconciliation. You and your court may go to Confession at any Catholic Church.

We look forward to celebrating this special date with you and your family.

Further information can be obtained at the Parish Office or view HERE.