Escuela De La Cruz

School of the Cross Well Lived – Shared Evangelization

The ‘Escuela de La Cruz’ (meaning School of the Cross in Spanish) presents a response to the urgent need that the Church has or mature laity and leaders committed to announcing the message of salvation.

The members, made up of men, collaborate in and within the Church itself, breeding themselves as apostles to our community so that they may communicate the Spirit of the Cross with their life and testimony, constituting their members – Lay persons, Deacons, Priest and Bishops – a true unity, and encourage them in their commitment to Christ and be a ferment, root and foundation of the Holy Spirit to stir up apostles in the people of God.

‘Los Cruzados’ (meaning men of the Cross in Spanish) apostolates here at Holy Family Church include volunteer work as: handy work, cleaning, security, Lectors, Ushers, Eucharistic Minister’s, to name a few. Our Cruzados have meetings twice a week and host retreats for the men for spiritual growth and reflection.

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